Katia & Roydon

Katia’s wedding to Roydon always brings up that sweet, light, warm feeling – probably because they were such a good sport. Having been together for a while, they hung pretty loose with each other – fooling around with the groomsmen, joking about probable gaffes. No self-conscious preening with the bridesmaids or checking oneself in the mirror every two minutes to smooth unwanted creases. Going by the arrangements, a lot of time had been invested into the event. It was now time to unwind and enjoy it all.

Roydon rang me up a few months before his wedding to discuss it’s coverage, a mutual friend of Katia’s having introduced us. A wedding in Goa of Goans? Who would want to miss that?

Roydon works in shipping off Singapore, while Katia comes from a prominent business family. The one lasting imprint I have of her bungalow was the scorching yellow it was painted in and a classic, roomy Mercedes-Benz that must have matured into it’s thirties. Talk about anything vintage, and you’ll have my attention. Talk about a vintage car, and I’ll step back into a reverie, being driven around by my Dad in his British made Triumph Herald of the 1960′s. Old cars – they have such a grandfatherly character to them!

This wedding was also unique as I was shooting along with another photojournalist, Glyn Pereira and the most pleasant-mannered traditional videographer I have worked with, a Mr. Bobby. Not only did we chat up about his life when we had a spare moment, he ferried me around a vehicle-choked Panjim, caused by Sonia Gandhi’s arrival in the city, that I could scarcely comprehend, let along negotiate. He also had his cousin drop me back at my hotel at two in the morning. Hospitality, done the Goan way.

A beautifully orchestrated Wedding Dance followed the church service, with the couple being showered with confetti by everyone present, having arranged themselves in a neat circle. This was followed by a bunch of slow, romantic melodies that got the older couples to colonize most of the floor. Lavish spreads of food, spirits that flowed freely and moody lighting under the open, starlit sky must have made it a night to remember for the guests. The best was saved for the last, when Alcatraz – one of Goa’s top bands – set the floor on fire with some racy dance numbers.

Later on, I received a lovely testimonial from the couple:

“Shashi, the photographs are first class!
We are delighted with the photos – they are so beautiful and will forever remind us of our wonderful wedding day. The photos really captured all the fun our family and friends were sharing with us throughout our day! We had an amazing day, still wishing we could do it all again too :-)
Thanks so much for making our wedding and reception memories so very special by giving us such a superb collection of photos to keep forever, especially the candid shots which were a pleasant surprise. You are truly talented and great at what you do. Every moment of our special day is now recorded through these brilliant photographs, and we can re-live our wedding day over and over again. Everyone who has seen our photos has been overly impressed and we will certainly recommend you to anyone and everyone!
Thank you Shashi, we truly appreciate your efforts.”

Here are a few of my favorites from the wedding.

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